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Quad Biking In Jinja

Quad Biking In Jinja is an amazing and breath taking adventure sport which is best done with friends and family. Quad biking was introduced in jinja city and has attracted quite a number of tourists looking to have a great experience.

Jinja city is found in the eastern region of Uganda within jinja district and its 81 kilometers from Kampala city. Jinja is an adventure capital of Uganda and the city sits along the northern shores of Lake Victoria thus giving it an opportunity to have adventure sports such as bungee jumping, biking, sport fishing, tubing, horseback riding and white water rafting among others.

Quad biking in jinja is carried out by visitors of all ages with no driving or riding experience. Therefore those who book for the quad biking and with no experience, first they are tutored by the expert instructors regarding the controls of the quad bike. The terrain adventure is among the best companies within jinja that gives the best quad biking experience.

Quad bikes were first built as means to serve as horseless carriage and from that time they have undergone a considerable improvements which have resulted in a vehicle which moves effortlessly on low-pressure tyres. Most of the quad bikes that are used for qua biking Uganda safari have a powerful 250cc engine and can race for a minimum speed limit of 20mph to a whopping 80mph in matter of minutes. The quad bikes weigh around 500kgs and move smoothly on off-road terrains through mud, water and dirt.

The quad biking gives one an opportunity to explore a number of places within jinja including the inside the villages where the locals are seen busy in their farms as they do their day to day activities, explore the tea plantations, sugarcane plantations, forests and the river Nile banks.

The quad biking tours within jinja goes for 1 hr. to 4 hours depending on what one wants. These start with 30 minutes briefing and training session about the dos and don’ts during the activity such as over speeding and ridding off truck from the established riding trails and many other safety measures. After the briefing, the riders are categorized into 3 groups depending on their ability to ride. These include experts, beginners and children. Each of the riders is offered a bike either manual or automatic, fit in their overalls and helmets and then follow the leading bike in line. While on the ride, there are guides that keep helping riders where it’s necessary to ensure that every participants enjoy the activity.

Quad Biking In Jinja
Quad Biking In Jinja

Tourists enjoy exploring beautiful sites within jinja and the beautiful sceneries such as Lake Victoria, tea estates and wildlife such as birds that are within the area. Quad biking also gives travelers a chance to ride through the local communities in jinja and interact with the friendly locals. Quad biking tours within jinja can be done all throughout the year. But the best time is during the rainy season as it makes the riders to slide in mud making the activity more exciting.  Besides the vegetation cover during the rainy season is green, fresh and thrilling thus offering an attractive and scenic views of both fauna and flora along the way unlike the dry season where the riding trails are too dry and dusty.

However quad biking can be accompanied with other activities such as kayaking, sport fishing, bungee jumping, white water rafting, bird watching or visit mabira forest for zip lining, nature walks or mangabey tracking.

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