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Source Of The Nile

Source Of The Nile : River Nile is known to be the longest river in the world and largest river in Africa. The source of the Nile is located in jinja and has an area cover of 6,695 kilometers with two tributaries namely the White Nile and Blue Nile. The White Nile flows north to Khartoum and it’s the longest then it meets with the Blue Nile I Khartoum which flows to Sudan. The river Nile starts its journey from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean Sea through Sudan and Egypt and it flows into 11 African countries such as Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Eritrea, south Sudan, Sudan, democratic republic of Congo, Egypt and Uganda. b was discovered by a British explore John Speke Hannington in 1858 where he named Lake Victoria after the queen of United Kingdom and confirmed it as the source of the Nile.



The horse riding gives you an opportunity to explore the shores of river Nile, neighboring communities, tea and sugar farm lands and jinja town among others on a horseback. The horse riding can be done in the morning, evening or sunset and starts from the source of the Nile with a well-trained guide who leads and the others behind to make sure that no one else gets difficulties during the ride.


The white water rafting is an exciting activity where tourists will experience the beautiful scenery, sunshine, warm water, little rainfall incase it’s a rainy season among others. The white rafting is where you have a ride in a small raft filled with air on river Nile with a well-trained guide or captain of the rafting team who gives instructions on how to paddle. The rafting is carried out according to the grades where you start from grade 1 slowly up to grade 5 where the river is adventurous at bujagali falls. The white water rafting gives an opportunity to explore the forested islands, river channels, bouncing down on the rapids where you will experience spills of water, thrills, and small rapids among others thus making the activity more memorable.


The activity has just been introduced and the source of the Nile is among the few Uganda safari destinations that carryout the activity. Bungee jumping is an amazing activity that is carried out during the day or at night. The bungee jumping is carried in the way that, you will be tied in two way such as tying the ankle or the body with your face looking down which allows you to float like a butterfly and jump off a tall structure with a large elastic cord which is connected to your two legs and dive down a tower and kiss river Nile which can be 40 meters from the high ground. The activity is only carried out by adults above 14years with minimum weight of 35kgs and 260kgs and persons who are suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnant women and any life-threatening disorder are discouraged from carrying out the activity.


While on the source of the Nile, tourists can engage in quad biking which is an amazing activity that is done in the community countryside’s. The activity starts with a briefing and training lessons about how to ride, changing of gears, managing the bike on the road and remaining on the tracks while riding among others. Tourists are grouped into three groups that is the expert visitors, beginners and children who are 12 years and above and the bikes include the manual or automatic bikes thus one chooses depending on what you want.

Source Of The Nile
Quad Biking


This is an amazing activity which offers an opportunity to the tourists to explore the source of the Nile on a slow kayak boat. The kayaking activity can be done on a full day, half-day or multiple days on river Nile with an experienced guide. While on the activity, you will explore wildlife, birds, river Nile and surrounding communities as you paddle through the rapid roars. There are two types of kayaks that is the tandem kayaks and the sit on top kayaks which doesn’t require an experienced tourists to participate.


While at the source of the Nile, one can engage in the sport fishing activity. The Nile is a home to various fish species thus making it a best safari destination for sport fishing. The types of fish species caught include catfish, tiger fish, tilapia and Nile perch among others. The sport fishing activity should be booked in advance for morning, afternoon or full day with an experienced guide to help you during the activity.


Jet boating is an activity where one engages on a cruise while on river Nile in a motorized high speed boat with an experienced guide captain. While on jet boating, you will enjoy the hit of rapids, jumps, spins and various turns among others thus giving you an amazing experience.


River Nile has no records of bilharzia, other infectious diseases and it’s free from dangerous animals such as crocodiles and hippos that makes it unsafe. This makes it safe for swimming while on a safari in Uganda thus the source of the Nile is among the best destination in Uganda.


Tourists on their safari to the source of the Nile can engage in mountain biking with an experienced guide as they follow trails that take you through the communities, Nile banks, bujagali falls, bugembe trail as you view lake Victoria, follow mabira trail where you will pass through mabira forest reserve which is just 20 minutes from jinja as you view bird species, butterfly species, plant species, monkey species and tour jinja among others thus making the Uganda safari rewarding.

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