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Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

The Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is surrounded by calm the waters of Lake Victoria and is a home to 9 orphaned chimpanzees rescued from all around Uganda. While on a Uganda safari tour, the island gives an opportunity to watch and interact with the great apes within their natural habitat. The chimpanzees at Ngamba Island have a safe and semi-natural environment in which can last up to years.

The island was founded in 1998 with 95 acres of natural woodland where the chimpanzees can roam and forage


  • To provide a secure haven for rescued chimps while simultaneously caring for the islands ecology and other species
  • To provide tourists with a high quality educational experience
  • To support local communities

The ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary has a committed team of over 22 care givers, vets, volunteers and island personnel that offer 24/7 throughout the whole year as they take care of the chimpanzees. The koome group of islands within Lake Victoria include kiimi, Nsazi, koome, bulago, damba and Ngamba Island.

Ngamba Island is 23 kilometers south of Entebbe and has an area cover of 100 acres with 95 acres of woodland and an electric fence separating it from the human camp. The half of the island in the north is flat, rising gradually to an elevation of 3800 feet above sea level. The island is mostly forested with small patches of grassland occupying around 10% of the surface.

Before the chimpanzees came in October 1998, a trail system was dropped. The trails move to the east, west and north to south forming a 50 * 50 meter block. Chimpanzees and other wildlife species such as spiders, fish eagles, otters and fruit bats thrive in the secondary forest on Ngamba Island. The chimpanzee trust is in charge of running the sanctuary and collecting all the monies necessary for feeding and caring for the long-lived and highly sophiscated social animals. Although it’s their goal to become completely self-sufficient through tourism, the sanctuary can rely on grants, prizes and generous supporters so as to keep a high quality of service.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary



      Chimpanzee habituation experience offers an opportunity to learn more about the chimpanzee’s behaviors such as feeding or throwing fruits and vegetables from the raised viewing platform and water edges, participating in chimpanzee environmental enrichment and monitoring the chimpanzees as well as maintaining the facility.


   The sanctuary as well provides half and full day fishing excursions on Lake Victoria. For the fishing lovers you wouldn’t miss the chance to capture the Nile perch on the famous lake and the world’s largest. Therefore on booking for Ngamba island adventure, you should inquire about the activity.


     The Ngamba Island gives a unique sunset cruise for tourists who stay at the sanctuary. Visitors enjoy the amazing sight of fisherman throwing their nets, fishing communities as you wind up the day as well as the golden round site of nature’s eye sleeping.


As you make a difference in the lives of the 49 chimpanzees today by becoming one of the important chimpanzees champion by taking care of their welfare which includes meal preparation, environmental enrichment, cleaning, behavior monitoring, record keeping and community service.

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