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Mount Sabinyo

Mount Sabinyo is an extinct volcano in east Africa, found north east of Lake Kivu and west of Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda. The name sabyinyo came from the Kinyarwanda word Iryinyo’ meaning tooth. The mountain carries the local name old man’s teeth because it serrated peak resembles the spaced teeth in the gum line of an old man. The mountain stands 3,645m above sea level, marks the intersection of the borders of the democratic republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. The mountain stands amidst the national parks of virunga national park in Congo, volcanoes national park in Rwanda and mgahinga national park in Uganda. The slopes of mountain sabyinyo are habitats to the endangered mountain gorillas

Mount sabyinyo looks so challenging in climbing on the side of Rwanda and democratic republic of Congo. But the Uganda wildlife authority implemented a solid trail gear. Since the mountain has got 3 peaks and conquering all the peaks depend on one’s physical ability and fitness. It’s only in Uganda where it’s easy because of the rugged nature of the terrain along the slopes. However it’s as well tough but sections have been provided with handmade ladders to help the trekkers, walking sticks are also provided to assist tourists on climbing. One is rewarded with beautiful forest patch of hagenia hypericum at 2800-3200m then sub alpine zone above 3200m.

Mount sabyinyo offers a 360 degrees experience of the virunga ranges as its axis of the magnificent mountain location within the western arm of the great east African rift valley which is among the largest geographical features in the world.

The trekking of mount sabyinyo starts from the parks headquarters with a briefing from the ranger guide. The porters are always available for hire at an affordable fee to help carry your luggage on the way.

Besides that mount sabyinyo boosts with a number of activities that can be carried out on the slopes of the mountain and these include;


Mount Sabinyo
Golden Monkeys

The golden monkeys are found in the virunga ranges and thus Mgahinga national park is famous for having the highest concentration of the unique monkeys which are well known for their love of cameras and playful character. Tourists on their safari can spot groups of up to 40 members.


This is the main tourist activity in mgahinga national park and thus tourists are able to trek the mountain gorillas and thus have an hour to be with the primates as they observe the gorillas doing their day to day activities such as grooming each other, playing, hunting, breast feeding and feeding among others.


With luck, one can easily spot the wildlife species along the trails to the peak of mount sabyinyo. Tourists on their Uganda safari can spot animals like elephants, buffalos and bushbucks among others.


Uganda is a top birding destination with over 1040 bird species and these include; rwenzori double collared sunbird, grey crowned cranes, double toothed barbet and rwenzori turaco among others.

Therefore tourists hiking mount sabyinyo should carry long sleeved clothes, water proof hiking boots, garden gloves, binoculars, packed lunch and snacks. The climbing permit costs $85 per person and the hike starts early in the morning at 8am and it can take 8 hours where 5 hours are for ascending to the peak and 3 hours back from the peak.

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