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Kigali city

Kigali city is the capital of Rwanda known to be the quietest, cleanest and safest city with a well maintained infrastructure system. It’s the most beautiful city with trees lined up on all roads and streets, beautifully designed roads and well organized buildings making it a great scene for the tourists. Kigali city is made up of 3 districts of Gasabo, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge. Kigali city won the UN habitat scroll of honors award in 2008 because of its innovative buildings, modern city with plastics, substantial reduction in crime and improved garbage collections. Since Kigali city is found in the heart of Rwanda, it provides tourists and visitors with several attractions and a number of activities to engage in.


 Is a memorial center that was built in honor of the victims who were killed during the genocide in 1994. The center is a resting place of about 250,000 of the million plus Tutsis who were killed. It acts as a mourning ground and a center of learning where the guides explain how the genocide happened, it has photos of the victims, room dedicated to the children, images of children that were murdered, audio recordings, video footages among others where visitors learn about the tragedy, history as well as give a reminder of the victims that died.


 This is an amazing place that used to house the former presidents of Rwanda namely Juvenal Habyarimana and Pasteur Bizimungu until the plane that was carrying the president Juvenal and Burundian president Cyprien Ntaryamira who were both Hutu was shot down in 1994 with a surface to air missiles as it prepared to land at the palace grounds. While at the state house you will be able to visit the flights debris that is believed to be the cause of the genocide. The museum as well acts as a center of learning.


The tour is carried out in Kigali city and it takes you to a place where the Muslims live and worship, the Nyamirambo centre is found in Kigali suburb and was opened in 2007 by the local Rwandan women who were victims of gender violence. The women’s centre helps to fight gender based violence, organizes computer literacy classes, English language trainings, provides modern sewing machines to women for tailoring. The women’s center created walking tours to the neighboring villages where visitors come to the local markets, local homesteads, and hair saloons among others thus gaining great experience about the Rwanda culture.


Kigali city
Kigali city

The arts center is located within the Kigali city and was opened in 2012 by two brothers Innocent Nkurunziza and Emmanuel Mkuranga. It’s an amazing center to visit in that it represents the African sculptures and paintings, organizes yoga classes for visitors, concerts, art exhibitions and workshops, traditional dances and training classes. Visitors can purchase artworks from the gallery, leather work, jewelry among others thus making their Rwanda safari rewarding.


The museum was built to document the beauty of Rwanda, animals, volcanoes, mineral riches among others. The monument comprises of 3 major parts that is the first part represents the social, economic and political lifestyle of Rwanda before colonial period, the second part exposes the experience of the Rwandan people during the colonial period where the Germans ruled Rwanda until 1916 when the Belgians took over after the World War 1. Within the sector, Richard Kandts deeds and life is shared during his stay in Rwanda and the third part shows the history of Kigali before, during and after the colonial period when Kigali was made the capital city in 1962. The museum as well gives information and knowledge about Rwanda’s history and culture.


This is found in the heart of Kigali, adjacent to Radisson blue hotel. The center has an amazing and unique architecture of a beehive with beautiful lights that look amazing during the night thus believed to have been inspired by the king’s palace in Nyanza. The convention centre as built purposely for conventions, multi day meetings, events among others. The convention consists of a café where guests can have the Rwandan coffee, restaurant and space for functions among others.


Mount Kigali is the highest hill in Kigali city standing on 6000 feet and is the best destination for tourist who love adventure. Hiking on the hill starts from Nyamirambo next to Sun City hotel. Mount Kigali consists of gentle slopes thus favoring slow climbers up to the top. It has beautiful views of Kigali city, great photos, and offers horse riding from fazenda sangha horse ranch platform where you ride through the country side and around mount Kigali thus rewarding on a safari with amazing experiences.


This is located within Nyamirambo and was named after President Gaddafi in recognition of the road that passes next to the mosque. Gaddafi mosque is an Islamic cultural center with amazing structure and consists of a school and clinic infrastructures for the people of Nyamirambo.


This is a beautiful hotel within Kigali city and became famous because it was used as a basis of the Hollywood film called hotel Rwanda in 2004 which followed the story of the Hutu manager paul Rusesabagina who gave shelter to hundreds of Tutsi. The hotel as well became popular because its where over 1000 refuges stayed during the Rwanda genocide in 1994. The hotel had a secret room where the refuges were staying and it was providing meals to them. There was a doctor and a nurse for treating and helping women to deliver as well as a priest who conducted marriage ceremonies and masses within the conference room. The hotel attracts a number of visitors within Kigali city due to its history.


The public library has a unique and beautiful design which acts as a collection of electronic and physical books and holds workshops. The visitors are given access to the computers, internet, and watch documentaries on the projector among others.

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