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How To Get To Lake Mburo National Park

How To Get To Lake Mburo National Park : Lake Mburo national park is found in the western part of Uganda in mbarara district and it’s the smallest savannah national park with an area cover of 370 square kilometers. The national park is a home to over 350 bird species such as blue-headed coucal, brown-chested lapwing, African scops owl, African finfoot, rare shoebill, tabora cisticola, papyrus gonolek, African fish eagle, goliath, black headed herons, common squacco, white winged swamp warbler, yellow- rumped tinker bird and black-bellied bustard among others. The national park boosts with over 68 mammals such as zebras, impalas that aren’t found anywhere else. Others include; leopards, bushbucks, buffaloes, hyena, warthogs and jackal which are seen during game drives.

The park has a total number of 13 lakes with Lake Mburo being the most popular and frequently accessed lake in the national park. Tourists can access the national park both air and road. One can use public mean or private car. But tourists planning to travel to Lake Mburo can use the road transport and it’s recommended to use a 4*4 safari vehicle while on their Uganda safari


The drive from Kampala to the park takes 3hrs and 30 minutes and that’s 228 kilometer. Tourists can access the national park from 3 entrances at the park and these include sanga gate, Nshara gate and Kyanyanshara gate.

The kyanyanshara gate lies close to the luxurious Mihingo lodge and it’s found 18 kilometers south of akagate trading center which is 14 kilometers west of lyantonde. Alternatively travelers can use the 9 kilometers road which leads to Nshara gate. This road turns south from the main road about 500 meters west of Akagate trading centre.

How To Get To Lake Mburo National Park
Lake Mburo National Park

Travelers can as well use the sanga gate to access Lake Mburo national park. This takes 13 kilometers from the main road at sanga trading center to sanga gate. Sanga trading center lies 13 kilometers from akagate trading center and 27 kilometers from lyantonde.

Lake Mburo national park can be accessed by visitors coming from kibale national park via Ibanda and Rushere. Travelling to Lake Mburo Park from kibale national park takes 3hrs and 30 minutes. This is convenient for travelers who wish to visit the lake mburo national park after a chimpanzee trekking safari in kibale national park.

Travelers can as well access the park from Queen Elizabeth national park via ishaka and mbarara. The drive takes 2 to 3 hours and covering a distance of about 186 kilometers.

Travelers can access the park by air. Aviation companies such as Aerolink Uganda offers travelers direct flights from Entebbe international airport to mbarara town and this takes 1 and half hours. However, the flight durations for these domestic flights can vary depending on the aircraft routine. This can be booked in advance by the tour operator and if you wish to transfer directly to the park, keep note of arriving early.

Therefore the tourists can decide on what means of transport they prefer while on a Uganda wildlife safari to the park. But the most recommended is the road transport since there are stopovers such as the Uganda equator among others as well as view the amazing scenery and land scape which can’t be seen while on the air transport.

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