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Akagera National Park Park Fees 

Akagera National Park Park Fees: Akagera National Park is Rwanda’s endowed national park with the big 5 games as well as other wildlife species. However there are several charges that are put in place and these keep on changing every five years. Therefore visitors aged 13 and above are considered adults while those aged 12 and below are considered to be minors. Children under the age of five are not charged an entrance fee to the national park.

Therefore the admission fee at Akagera National Park is paid per person, vehicle and per day. The park admission fees are established for three categories of people that is the international tourists, Rwandan/EAC citizens and Rwandan/EAC residents. Thus the following are the park fees at akagera national park.


International visitors are charged 100 USD for park entry and children are charged 50 USD to have access to the park.

The Rwandans/ EAC citizens are charged 16 USD and children from 6 to 12 years are charged 11 USD or 10,000 RWF.

Rwandan /EAC residents are charged 50 USD while children are charged 30 USD.

However park entry fee is inclusive of the self-drive game viewing and children aged 5 years and below do not pay any entry fees when visiting the national park


For the Rwandan/ EAC registered minibus is charged 10 USD and the omnibus/ bus/ over lander Rwandan/EAC registered pays 20 USD.

For a vehicle/minibus foreign registered is charged 40 USD and the omnibus/bus/over lander foreign registered is charged 100 USD.


When in need of hiring a guide from akagera national park this comes with a cost of 25 USD for half day and for full day its 40 USD.



Game drives operated by Akagera Management Company for half day which takes 5 hours, with a driver and maximum of 7 people is at 180 USD while full day is 280 USD.

For night game drives its charged 40 USD for adults and 25 USD for children for 2 and half hours with a driver, guide and minimum of 2 people and maximum of 7 people.


Fishing with equipment’s is charged 25 USD for adults and 15 USD for children.


Boat cruise scheduled morning or during day is charged 35 USD for adults and 20 USD for children per hour and per person with a maximum of 11 people per boat.

Boat cruise scheduled sunset is charged 45 USD for adults and 3O USD for children per person and maximum of 11 people per boat per hour.

Private, nonscheduled boat cruise is charged 180 USD per boat and its only available at non-scheduled times starting from 10; 30 to 1; 30pm.


Camping fee is 25 USD per person per night and this only caters for access to the camping ground and security so ensure to hire or have a tent and the camping equipment’s.


These are many activities offered for half day with a minimum of 3 people at 30 USD for adults and 20 USD for children.


This is a 7km walk along the fence which takes about 2 hours and with minimum of 3 people where each individual will be expected to pay 30 USD for adults and 20 USD for children.

Behind the scene is charged 25 USD per person and per night for 1 and half hours with a minimum of 4 people. There is also a group rate for the Akagera behind the scenes which is 180 USD for a group of 8 and above.


These passes are offered to visitors on a Rwanda safari within the national park to have access for a full year after payment. This includes park entrance fees and vehicle fees but it doesn’t include park activities but a 10% discount on activity permits is offered to annual pass holders. These include;

Akagera National Park Park Fees 
Akagera National Park


Singles pass goes for 95,000 RWF, couple pass is for 115,000 RWF and the family pass for 150,000RW


Singles pass goes for 250 USD, couple pass is for 400 USD and the family pass for 600 USD.


Such as tent hire is at 20 USD, recovery fee in case of breakdown or assistance within the park is 70 USD, commercial filming costs 250 USD per day. Fine fees for breaking any park rules and regulations goes for 150 USD.

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