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Twin Lakes Of Burera And Ruhondo

Twin Lakes Of Burera And Ruhondo : The amazing twin lakes are found at the back of the volcano Muhabura close to the border of Rwanda and Uganda in the north part of Rwanda on the outskirts of musanze. The lakes are referred to as twin lakes because they are interconnected at a point where one of the lakes pours into the other. Rwanda is known as the land of thousand hills and it’s surrounded by different mountains and hills that can be seen from any point. The twin lakes are spotted next to the volcanoes national park while on the gorilla trekking safari in musanze region.

The twin lakes are found at the foot of mount Sabyinyo, Muhabura, Bisoke and Gahinga. These lakes are beautiful and surrounded by mountains as well as the amazing forest. The twin lakes are fishing grounds which makes them a not to miss on the bucket list while planning a safari in Rwanda. These are visited as an additional activity after the tiresome gorilla trekking safari for a relaxation.

The lakes of Burera and Ruhondo were formed as a result of volcanic activity where the largest river in Rwanda called Nyabarongo River used to flow northwards to Ndorwa. So due to the volcanic eruption that took place in the volcanic region in the northern part of Rwanda especially Muhabura volcano, the lava flowed from the volcano and blocked the Nyabarongo river channel. This led to the formation of a dormant crater lake and later the lakes filled the crater which was fed by river Nyabarongo. Twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo which are considered as the `Lava dammed lakes`. The twin lakes are known as twin lakes because of their closeness and are just separated by a 1 kilometer wide strip of land and have a total area of 2,800 hectares where they sit. These are fed by rivers and a lake in Uganda.

A visit to the twin lakes is rejuvenating and relaxing as you enjoy the beautiful blue waters of the lake with the Virunga volcanoes at the back. The land surrounding the twin lakes has vegetation as well as farm land which is a common practice among the Rwandan people which compliments the blue waters with the thick greenery. The area around the twin lakes is covered by mist due to the elevation above sea level.



The lakes offer a great photographic scenery surrounded by the well terraced hills, blue skies during the dry season and the deep blue crystal waters.


While on a walking safari, you will have a chance to spot different bird species on the shores and islands such as sacred ibis, yellow bill storks, hammerkops and African fish eagles among others.

Twin Lakes Of Burera And Ruhondo
Twin Lakes


Tourists can as well have a guided walking tour or community visit within the area and interact with locals of Rwanda as well be part of the community for a day.


While at the twin lakes one can engage in fishing with the local fisherman but you require a permit for the activity. The fishing activity on the twin lakes is done on the canoe boats that are locally made from piece of wood and fish is trapped using the local fishing hooks and nets. This is best carried out in the early morning hours or late in the evening hours.


Visitors can as well have a boat ride on the lakes where you can enjoy views of the lakes and its surroundings. Some can opt to go for canoeing on the locally dugout canoes and these can be hired from the nearby recreation centers and get to paddle to different islands on the twin lakes. This can to 3 to 8 hours depending on your interests.


The lakes are free from crocodiles and bilharzia which makes it safe for swimming. Therefore tourists can come with their swimming costumes ready to swim. It’s advisable that only experienced swimmers are allowed to take part in the swimming exercise to reduce on the drowning incidents.

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