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Musanze caves

The Musanze caves are located in Ruhengeri within the northern province of rwanda in Musanze town. The cave was formed as a result of Cenozoic volcanic rocks as well as from lava basaltic layers from bisoke mount and sabinyo mount. The cave is found in the volcanic region where layers flow from 60 years ago formed the great western arm of the east African valley.

The caves are one of the top tourist attractions within Musanze district and it’s the most visited parts in Rwanda. Due to the existence of the beautiful sceneries such as the volcanoes national park that gives tourists activities such as gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking, visiting the Dian Fossey grave, mountain hikes and canoeing lakes such as ruhondo and many more.

The significance of the Musanze cave was during the ancient times since it was used by the locals as the crowning venue for their new kings. And of late the caves were popular made a shelter for a number of refugees who escaped the 1994 genocide within rwanda. Therefore, tourists who come to the cave are received by the green scenery that is surrounding the cave and most especially the top.

The Musanze cave gives an amazing view of the Virunga mountains such as the karisimbi, muhabura and gahinga. The cave is cold and quiet while inside due to the streams of waters that flow slowly out of the rock ceiling and underneath the cave floor.

The Musanze caves are located at slopes of volcanoes national park making it a must-visit after the gorilla trekking in the park. The cave has amazing views of the green vegetation. The Musanze caves are of a great importance to the Rwanda locals because during the war it was used as a hiding place in Rwanda. The cave has stairs which makes it so easy for the tourists to walk in side.

The Musanze cave is frequently visited by tourists all throughout the year. There are guides that lead tourists into the cave as they give information on how the rocks were formed until today. There are established trails and walkways that lead through the cave as well as safety measures in order to reduce on accidents. The entrance of the cave is big enough and covers over 10 kilometers and well portioned with a number of small passage ways that lead the tourists off the main cave.

Musanze caves
Musanze caves

When tourists walk inside the cave, the place is a habitat to a large population of bats and they can be spotted hanging upside down in each of every small room within the cave. Whereas on the walls there are small and different plant species that have grown and the greenery spill makes it amazing for pictures. The visits within the cave take 3 to 4 hours to explain the history of the caves.

However scientists have shown interest in the desire to carry out the speleology which means the study and exploration of the different aspects of the caves and the surrounding environment. As well as potholing or caving can tend to mean the act of exploring the cave for purposes of recreation or science.

Therefore, after visiting the Musanze cave tourists can enjoy the cultural experience of the tribes that stay near the caves. Tourists can as well learn how to make hunting tools such as bows and arrows, weaving the “Agaseke’’ basket using fingers, brewing local beer known as Ugwagwa’ using the bananas, constructing local materials and also harvesting honey.

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